‘Success will take Care itself, providing you follow the process.’

We care about helping people to achieve their goals and financial ambitions. So, tell us what it is you’re striving for, and we’ll produce the process that will get you there.

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Your Client Experience

Our world revolves around our clients and what they want to achieve.



You cannot create financial plans for anyone until a relationship exists between you.

Traditionally, financial advice has come from institutions like banks and building societies, who offer product-based solutions. Now, technology is in the mix and doing the very same. Our concern is that these approaches don’t provide the individualised, solution-based planning people need.

For us at GBFS, tailoring is at the centre of everything we do. We have to learn who a client is, what they need and what their values are before we can build an agenda that is aligned with their aspirations, goals and concerns. Then, we provide that service at the right time and in the right way.

The first meeting is always on us, and we use that meeting to determine a client’s ‘money personality’, meaning how they feel about money, and their story that goes with that. Everybody’s attitude towards money is learnt unconsciously; we watch adults scrimp and save when we’re too small to speak; we read endless fearmongering headlines and storylines throughout our lives, and are left searching for financial knowledge via hasty Googling – all of this learning needs to be accounted for when creating a roadmap to your financial planning journey.

At GBFS, we create financial planning for individuals and companies that supports you now and in the future.

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